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Writing Matters is a program that will help children of the South Florida area become more confident, skilled writers in and beyond school. This concept was generated by Broward County teachers, Linda Gray and Rose Wyda, who recognized the need for effective writing instruction for all students. Athena Carlin became a partner in 2009.

Writing Matters will be dedicated to offering a variety of stimulating and unique activities to help students, parents, and teachers nurture an appreciation for books, authors, and written expression.

The heart of our program begins with our experienced staff. As teachers, we understand the value of exceptional lessons geared toward enhancing a child’s ability to write effectively. Our exemplary writing teachers will facilitate exciting hands-on writing experiences using a variety of resources and materials.

Writing Matters will address the needs of improving writing for the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test – Florida Writes, while recognizing and rewarding the value of writing as a life-long skill.

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Imagination University

Writing Matters Youth Writer’s Camp offers students an opportunity to explore their writing interests, discover their strengths and learn more about the craft of writing. Students will be enticed by hands-on-writing activities that enable them to use their imagination while examining a variety of literacy genres. The camp provides in-depth writing instruction, structured writing workshop time, and daily opportunities to share with peers.

Engagement with authors and authentic writing will show students the power and pleasure of writing. Participants will discover their voice, experiment with words and be given opportunities to publish their writing. Our most successful campers are those who enjoy writing and are eager to try their hand at new types of writing such as memoir writing, poetry, advertising, comics, play writing, and mysteries.




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Use your writer's notebook to breathe in the world around you. Experiment
with new kinds of writing. Write about what you notice, what you wonder
about, and what you dream about.

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